— Javiera Da Fonseca

A talented and playful visual artist from Chile with work on display at some of the most well respected galleries.


— Introduction

A new website for a bright-future.

Javiera, seeking a better online experience that supported the needs of all her visitor-types. Handcrafted design, built on Wordpress with localization support — minimal aesthetic that will not compete with her work with an in tune visual rhythm for easy content-scanning. 

— About Javiera

A visual artist from Chile currently living in Mexico City. The work is a reflection of the warmer climates she spends a majority of her time living an working in. Her use of color, hard-lines mixed with organic shapes makes her work one of kind.

— User Research

During initial discussion it became clear the clients visitors had unique reasons and intentions for visiting the website.  


Gina, Community

An artist herself, she has followed Javiera since seeing her at a local art-event in Chile years ago. She visits the website every-month or so to experience her new work while checking the schedule for any shows and happenings close to her.

Ian, Gallery Owner

Much like a museum owner but for profit, a gallery owner chooses and presents an arrangement of art for sale to private buyers.  Running a small gallery in South Beach, Fl, constantly on the look out for artwork reflects the taste his new and established clients. 


Xiana, Art Buyer

San Francisco native, currently working as a Product Manager in the tech industry, Xiana is passionate about art and supporting artist both locally and worldwide. 


— Flow Chart

A quick visual representation of the website sitemap. Although the sitemap is small, the website allows the visitor to experience the site in a circular-flow. 


— Design

Javiera had clear goals and knew exactly what she wanted and how she would like the future of her website to grow.


+ Clean & Minimal
+ Browse content structure
+ Encourage interaction
+ Content layouts easy to scan
+ Social Media Share Formatting
+ Emphasis on photography
+ Photography Post-Production Style


+ Self-Management of content
+ Artists would like to manage website
+ Fast Loading 
+ Optimized Images
+ Langauge Localization
+ Fluid Information Architecture
+ A CMS that worked for her in the future content
+ Responsive Experience
+ Future SEO abilities and plugins



A quick visual representation of the website sitemap.  Although the sitemap is small, the site is home to a ton of content. 



A list of all content types including news, shows, competed pieces, articles & galleries all in chronological order providing access to deeper sections of the website.  Menu items, filter and heading are sticky.

Homepage with Filtered Content

A simple content filter in the top right provides visitors an easy method for filtering content based on interest.  Selected content types are highlighted and unslected types are still availible yet are greyed out.  This pattern also lends itself nicely to mobile experiences.


About / Profile

Learning more about Javiera, offering contact information, social-media links and exhibition resume.

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