Interdisciplinary design through collaboration, research, iteration and craft. Seeking alignment with the abstract-thinkers, logical-doers, curious-tinkerers and passionate dreamers.

Driven by a life-long passion for technology, design, audio and how they affect society.  I bring over a decade of design-experience, working on a wide variety of project types, offering teams strategic, creative and leadership solutions that typically exceed goals and grow business by improving customer experiences.  

I love traveling and being immersed in new environments, learning from all cultures, while nurturing friendships, discovering art, "rare" music, thoughtful cinema, learning and generally expanding my palate for all my senses.

I produce and write music, play drums and make art. Occasionally I write, share and discuss things I am into on my public-journal,  Medium,  what inspires me on Tumblr and design and art I create on Ello.


+ Art Direction

+ Branding

+ Info Architecture

+ Interaction Design

+ Product Management

+ Sound Design

+ User Experience

+ User Research

+ User Interface

+ Visual Design

Past Teams & Projects