Klipie is a podcast app above all else but is loaded with added features to easily share shows in unique ways.

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— Role Details

Directing efforts and all aspects of design including creative direction, logo, branding, UX, UI & developing interactive prototypes as proof of concept in an effort aimed at creating a refined and simple to use security product for mobile devices.


— Introduction

Podcasts are the fastest-growing media form in the world with millions of shows for listeners to choose from on every-topic imaginable. Each new show seems to raise the bar for the shows that come after with amazing production, original music, one-of-a-kind personalities & life-long learning from the worlds top schools. Although the content is progressing, the technology behind the medium haven't progressed very much.

Realizing this creates new opportunities for teams able to move the medium forwards. Challenges Klipie aims to improve will provide a variety of benefits for both content-providers and the audience. The effort intends to defragment sharing, move listeners closer together while offering shows access to new listeners with currently untapped touch-points resulting in better audience insights.

— Approach

Based on a 2/3-week sprint plan with a possible few days extension if needed for week 4 – requiring frequent client involvement, at times leveraging virtual pair design sessions.


— Research to Understand

Stakeholder Interviews
As a team, we focused on the business objectives, product vision, budget, schedule & any other piece of information & assumptions. This included online-whiteboard sessions & scanned-sketches to flushout a variety of ideas to align our efforts & vision.

Key Areas of Interest:

  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Product Vision
  • Technical Limitations
  • Business Objectives
  • Customers
  • Competitors
  • Goals & Success Criteria

User Research
Investment early on in the project to refine user-research conducted pre-project. To keep things agile, quick-yet productive, we leveraged gorilla research techniques using online & in-person methods. Reaching out to friends, family, co-workers, friends of friends and a random, yet prospective users.  

Age Chart by Show Popularity

Results of current podcast audience data & listenership growth .  *Data provided by Wikipedia

User Research
Although a very limited pool of users, we were able to see a trend shared among listeners.  We learned the following:

  • New show discovery is important to the experience
  • 100% of listeners have access to Netflix
  • 35% subscribe to streaming music products
  • Listeners tend to follow shows suggested by like-minded contacts (ie: friends, co-workers, social-media personalities)
  • Sharing shows online is confusing  Links are app-specific
  • Sharing specific shows is convoluted
  • Podcasts are appropriate with most everyday activities
  • Shows usually reflect a persons established personal views
  • No-trend was established for users favorite exsisting app

— Collecting Definition

User Cards
Nurturing a community requires laser-sharp user research, giving users the opportunity to drive the future features. 

Leveraging information collected from early user-interviews efforts, user-personas in the form user-card technique offering a solid starting point for further developing accurate user personas.  


Whiteboard Session
One of the most intense activities of any project & extremely fun. As a team, we met online as the team is co-located. We used the following sessions to generate ideas, explore the possible, refine the actual & plan for the next couple weeks.  

We focused a lot on developing an efficient flow from user on-boarding through sharing a post, which is the goal & differentiating feature



To create the wireframes, we chose Balsomiq over Sketch & Adobe XD so the entire team could easily make edits & work together while co-located. 



— Product Design

Logo & Branding
Before jumping into hi-fi product designs, a bit of a attention was given to early-stage logo and branding design to drive UI design while setting goals to promoting cohesive aesthetics.  This effort can provide web, presentations & various other design assets. 

While working on the MVP, a few ideas began to form about the personality of Klipie would develop. A few adjectives became constant: Community, Together, Social, Waves, Colorful, People, Interests & Audio Forms.

Klipie v2 Branding Idea Banner

Hi-Fi Designs
Reviewing all research, flows & feedback on wireframes.  Starting with the Android version first using Sketch.

DISCOVERY – Following Example 3
DISCOVERY – Trending Alternative
DISCOVERY – Trending Alternative
CLIP – Playing
PODCASTS – Alternative
PLAYER – Show Details
DISCOVERY – Following Example 2
PLAYER – Show Details – Menu
DISCOVERY – Trending

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