— Klipie Mobile Podcast App

— Shäwn Tumblr Theme

— Shäwn Tumblr Theme

Klipie is a podcast app loaded with social features to easily share and interact with shows in unique ways.

A modern Tumblr theme designed around visual-posts, big images, simple navigation and a number of other features all modern Tumblr themes.

A modern Tumblr theme designed around visual-posts, big images, simple navigation and a number of other features all modern Tumblr themes.

In-depth research, UX & UI design consulting for leading global retailer in support of the holiday season. 




Podcasts are the fastest-growing media form in the world with millions of shows for listeners to choose from on every-topic imaginable. Each new show seems to raise the bar for the shows that come after with amazing production, original music, one-of-a-kind personalities & life-long learning from the worlds top schools. Although the content is progressing, the technology behind the medium haven't progressed very much.

Realizing this creates new opportunities for teams able to move the medium forwards. Challenges Klipie aims to improve will provide a variety of benefits for both content-providers and the audience. The effort intends to defragment sharing, move listeners closer together while offering shows access to new listeners with currently untapped touch-points resulting in better audience insights.

The Approach


Based on a 2-week sprints requiring frequent client involvement, at times leveraging virtual pair design sessions. Working in smaller sprints cycles allowed the whole team to begin working on the app instead of usual longer wait-times that come with designing new apps - especially MVP's.


Understanding & Defining


Stakeholder Interviews
As a team, we focused on the business objectives, product vision, budget, schedule & any other piece of information & assumptions. This included online-whiteboard sessions & scanned-sketches to flush-out a variety of ideas to align our efforts & vision.

Key Areas of Interest:

  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Product Vision
  • Technical Limitations
  • Business Objectives
  • Customers
  • Competitors
  • Goals & Success Criteria

Listener Research

Refine user-research conducted pre-project. To keep the project on-budget, we leveraged gorilla research techniques using online & in-person methods. Reaching out to friends, family, co-workers, friends of friends and a random, yet prospective users.  

Age Chart by Show Popularity

Based on this research, we learned the following:

  • New show discovery is important to the experience
  • 100% of listeners have access to Netflix
  • 35% subscribe to streaming music products
  • Listeners follow shows suggested by like-minded contacts
  • Sharing shows online is confusing  Links are app-specific
  • Sharing specific shows is convoluted
  • Podcasts are appropriate with most everyday activities
  • Shows usually reflect a persons established personal views
  • No-trend was established for users favorite existing app

Flow Charts & Maps

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User Research

Leveraging information collected from early user-interviews efforts, user-personas in the form user-card technique offering a solid starting point for further developing accurate user personas.


Branding Design


Logo Exploration

Before jumping into product designs, we invested a bit of attention to early-stage logo and branding design with the intent to drive UI design while setting goals to promoting cohesive aesthetics.  This effort can provide web, presentations & various other design assets. 

Branding Adjectives:

  • Community
  • Together
  • Social
  • Waves
  • Colorful
  • People
  • Interests
  • Audio Forms
Klipie v2 Branding Idea Banner

Logo Idea - Not Choosen


Repeatable Pattern Exploration


Repeatable Pattern Exploration

Product Design & Prototype


Exploring Ideas

One of the most intense activities of any project & extremely fun. As a team, we met online as the team is co-located. We used the following sessions to generate ideas, explore the possible, refine the actual & plan for the next couple weeks.  A significant amount of detail given to listening and sharing shows with users-social network.


Social Stream View


Post Alternative Idea


Show in Categories


Clip - Shared


Post Alternative Idea


Feed View


Menu Idea - Not Used


Post Alternative Idea - Used


Single Post Anatomy


To create the wireframes, we chose Balsomiq over Sketch & Adobe XD so the entire team could easily make edits & work together while co-located. 


Hi-Fi Prototypes

At its core, Klipie is a podcast app with all the features listeners expect from such a product. One of the differentiating features of the product is the ability to create small clips of shows to share within the product and existing social media accounts. 

Listener can create clip from transcribed podcast or record directly from playing audio. The end result is a design flow that allows listeners to create, design and share only using 1 finger or thumb. 



Allowing the listener to explore in various ways.  Main landing view, showing the listening most recent activity.


Creating a New Clip

The products allows the listeners to create and share audio-clips they wish to share with social-media contacts and followers. This, by far was the most challenging aspect of design within the whole product and required the largest investment of time.


Show, Listen & Show Details

A group of features that allow the listener to interact, learn more about, review show history, show details and begin creating a clip. 

Navigation & Notification

Listeners can easily find content, settings and other features with use of 3 main views, feed, notifications and a typical menu. 




Overall a great start, even in a space with lots of competition. 

The goal when the project started had included iOS and Android but stakeholders choose to “build-once and release twice” with the use of a mobile framework with importance given to Android for MVP. Managing once code-source allowed the startup invest resources in other areas. 

This late-phase pivot greatly changed the direction of the design and ideas resulting in a product that could have trouble winning over customers to switch from the app they are currently using. Although sharing clips is a very unique feature, marketing and messaging will need to be effective in order to promote this feature to listeners. 

Creating once and delivering twice may seem like a wonderful idea on paper, but in the real world, iOS and Android have large enough differences that require thoughtful implementation for both platforms. It’s suggested to create and manage two versions in the future once the product has proven the investment of doing so worthy. 

Next Project

— Javiera Da Fonseca

— Shäwn Tumblr Theme

— Shäwn Tumblr Theme

A talented and playful visual artist from Chile with work on display at some of the most well respected galleries.

A modern Tumblr theme designed around visual-posts, big images, simple navigation and a number of other features all modern Tumblr themes.

A modern Tumblr theme designed around visual-posts, big images, simple navigation and a number of other features all modern Tumblr themes.

In-depth research, UX & UI design consulting for leading global retailer in support of the holiday season.