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The best defensive against keeping personal data safe is to be pro-active. PRIVT unique approach to online security brings the power of business-grade security to the private-sector.

Unlike most security products, it doesn't require any technical abilities. It is designed to be easy to use and understand — it's designed to be effective without thinking about it.

— Role
Directing efforts and all aspects of design including creative direction, logo, branding, UX, UI & developing interactive prototypes as proof of concept in an effort aimed at creating a refined and simple to use security product for mobile devices.


March — 2017

Project Type

Branding, Web, Mobile App


Lead Product Designer





Going with a 4-week sprint to produce a fully-functional interactive prototype to test & pitch idea with.



It’s all about getting ideas, assumptions, visions and early research into a pile and organizing. Envisioning the product at its highest level with everyone on the team. Online security is complicated stuff and it’s almost impossible for the everyday user to keep up with all the newest ways to be fooled online. Keeping devices secure can be full time job and hiring a network security expert to keep a cellphone and laptop safe isn’t a realistic option.


— Challenges

Currently security is become an important tool for even the casual online user and PRIVT would like to simplify and automate VPN features inside an intuitive form factor that appeals to a wide range of users. PRIVT will to offer secure, encrypted VPN tunnels within the mobile landscape.

From the start, the product will have challenges surrounding trust with new customers. Customers need to feel the product is worth using and hopefully worth paying for eventually.

As with all great products, it will need to work without bugs 99% of the time. Server side engineering will need to effectively manage bandwidth speeds with unnoticeable differences

How can the product establish trust right away? Once trust is established, how can the trust remain high and or grow through the experience? Will complexities isolate advanced users?

Online security can become complicated very quickly for a majority of customers. How to educate consumers without confusing can be a challenge. 

— Project Goals

Fully develop app concept with branding and functional interactive prototype which will validate assumptions quickly and cheaply by getting it into the hands of users, engineers and other peers.

Creating an interactive prototype is one of the best ways to quickly and cheaply test an idea, validate assumptions allowing for richer user feedback. Getting the product into users hands quickly gives access to some of the powerful emotional responses Using prototypes provides an amazing amount of confidence to move forward with the right solution verses usual MVP assumptions.

The goal featured in the following case-study covers this part of the product development process along with the following:

  • Gather Product Assumptions
  • Goals & Vision 
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Research & Personas
  • A Fully-Interactive Prototype

— User Research

Privacy is always about people. Spending time to understand how people fit into privacy concerns is a very transparent activity. Currently security is become an important tool for even the casual online user and PRIVT would like to simplify and automate VPN features inside an intuitive form factor that appeals to a wide range of users.

To represent the audience early in the product development stage, a few persona were put together based on early research. Based on early research, a few personas help direct various features moving forwards.


Lance Jordan - The Early Adopter
The ideal user. The tech-forward person with a finger on the pulse. This person may also work within the tech industry & or shares a close relationship with someone who does. The early adopter.


Scarlet Magna: Secondary User
A user becoming more aware of online security but doesn’t but still has yet to make it a daily part of online behavior.


Madison Holly: Prospect
The biggest opprotunity, the most challenging customer to acquire as a customer & will require the most resource to maintain and support. This person has little to zero knowledge about network security even if somewhat tech savvy. Historically, coming across securing connections were dismissed without a compelling reason to pay closer attention.


— Exsisting Mobile Solutions
At the time of research, the Apple Appstore hosted access to almost 30 different VPN products. As each app was tested, it was clear that most of the products were poorly designed products and overly complicated, weighed down with thoughtless solutions to important features needed to be a successful product.

It’s clear that with the amount of free and paid offerings, mobile devices pose an interesting challenge in the area of security; naturally this also offers an interesting opportunity.



Envisioning the product at its highest level. Getting ideas, assumptions, visions and early research into a pile and organizing. 

Defining an MVP, couple with a list of user persona types, assumptions, constraints & other uncovered research, organizing a list of features from most important to least important.


— User Flows & Maps
Visualizing motivations and questions – scenarios describe stories and add context behind why a specific user / group makes a particular choice & the outcome of each individual choice


PRIVT Onboarding

Although PRIVT at the prototype phase is a small offering, the small size does create a challenge in itself: not enough info or features and users can get trapped in confusions & possible product dead-ends. A site-map of all touch-points helped visualize the objectives in each section of the software.



Envisioning the product at its highest level. Ideas, assumptions, visions and early research into a pile and organizing.






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