Velvetyne = Nice Free Fonts

A nice little free-font library I found today.  May I suggest downloading Lack when you arrive.

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Agile Billing Makes Sense ;)

Solves major challenges on both sides. Big investments for customers & getting paid for vendors

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Ode to Mr. Titus

My godfather & one of my favorite persons fell ill & passed away.  To honor him, I wrote him a song.

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New Project - Nerissimo

Hired to create a brand-new website for Mexico City tattoo & art gallery. URL coming soon.



"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

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Tips for Digital Nomads

A list of tips for The Digital Nomads by Freelancers Union.  Pay attention to the US tax rules.

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Free Stock Photography

Sometimes a limited budget or a tight deadline forces a project to use stock photos. This is the best free site.

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Personal Data = $250 per year

Personal data is worth about $250 - $500 per year.  Maybe it's time to own your own information?

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Framer's Update - It's Nice!

It's a wonderful time to be a designer - lot's of great tools out there.
See for yourself!

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Needs, Want's & Desires

One of my favorite early-stage activities when conducting user-research. 

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Homework After Interview? Nope.

It's uncool to send design candidates home expecting free-work to get hired. Review the portfolio!

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Vapid CMS

Vapid is a simple CMS built using simple HTML, keeping the code clean, lean & lighting fast!

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