It’s natural, alive & present — inspiring in ways that run deeper than atheistic.

One of a Kind

Andy Goldsworthy is an extraordinary and one of the most unique making art today. Its not often an artist is recognized during the time they are producing, but Andy’s work is undeniably thoughtful and pleasing.

It taps right into our monkey brain — our primal instincts. He masterfully avoid forcing his audience into the anxiety of reaching back so far into one’s emotions — our primate roots, by correcting the moment with balance of elements.

About Andy Goldsworthy

Born in Cheshire, Great Britain in 1956, Andy spent his teenage years working in farms near his home in Yorkshire. He refers to this time in his life as the most important inspiration for his work. He ended up as a student at the Bradford Art College in 74’ / 75’ and Preston Polytechnic in Lancaster until 78’. He currently is working and living in Scotland.

Why Andy Inspires

Rooted deeply in the idea that nothing lasts forever, Andy’s unique approach to visual art not only inspires me. I am always mesmerized by the finality and technique of his work — a true genius.

It’s this planned obsolescence of his work that really gets to the heart of designing in the digital space (ie: websites, apps) It’s never complete — constantly changing — even as the work is in motion.

Some of his work could last forever — his stone work surely. On the other hand, most of his work is at the mercy of the elements.


His work is highly resourceful in nature. As he works with his environment, he must find new approaches and methods for accomplishing his vision.

Adapting to ones environment is a worthy skill that transients earth art. Andy’s work is completely with only the elements found in the environment of the work he is working on.

He brings nothing to a particular site besides his creativity. The only supply I could think of is the camera and film he uses to document his work.

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