Be the Change

Creating art is not only a great way to invest time, I tend to find a simple message at the end of each piece. This fact alone is what motivates me to create art. The lesson I took away from this work: Be the Change I wish to See. Possibly an overused saying — it made a ton of sense in this moment.

My Favorite Place to Stay in Mexico City

While traveling through Mexico, I stumbled onto a really laid-back & inexpensive place to rent. Since then, when I am in Mexico City and it’s not rented, I always return to the same spot.

The space has a good vibe — it feels like home even. It’s nice to feel at home when so far from it. Also, for being in the middle of Mexico City, it’s really relaxing and quiet. The lack of noise is reason enough to love a place when staying in the DF.

The space always feels creative — even though thats a really hard thing to explain in detail. I always feel creative here. I think it has a lot to do with it being apart of a very famous Mexican bands studio building. Often times, great-live music is being played during the day.

I love everything about the place except for the art in the room — but I decided to change this.


One of the challenges with reusing the canvas; it wasn’t really canvas. It was a plastic material, smooth & to make it shine, was sprayed with a slippery, clear finish. This required a can of spray paint to create a base that paint would stick to.

I had originally started to do a geometric style painting but every-time I pulled the tape up, it also pulled the paint of the plastic-excuse for a canvas.

Tapping into my Inner Jackson Pollock

Frustrated by the paint pulling up with the tape, I decided to repaint black one last & avoid touching it by using a technique popularized by Jackson Pollock. Although at the time, this felt like a lazy solution but I actually liked how it turned out. The added layers of pulled paint actually added a ton of character to the work by giving it a chaotic texture.

Making it to Let it Go

I really like the idea of creating art for spaces & leaving it behind. I would like to do more of this. It feels a lot like doing natural art or graffiti. The act of putting passion into experiences for other people is rewarding — even if it’s on two small pieces of plastic-canvas.