Minimal mobile network security appliance.

Minimal mobile network security appliance.


— Role

Directing efforts and all aspects of design including creative direction, logo, branding, UX, UI & developing interactive prototypes as proof of concept in an effort aimed at creating a refined and simple to use security product for mobile devices.

The end-goal, to produce a proof of concept to validate market need and investment opportunities.

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— A VPN Appliance

Virtual Private Networks known as VPN’s are secure tunnels to the internet that allow users to stay safe from various exploits by encrypting all traffic over a given connection.

Privacy and security issues extends in all areas of our lives from the business we own and work at, to our governments and policy makers, very few products and services exist at the consumer level.

PRIVT’s aim is to address this un-met need by offering a unique VPN product.


— Objectives

Fully develop app concept with branding and functional interactive prototype which will validate assumptions quickly and cheaply by getting it into the hands of users, engineers and other peers.

Creating an interactive prototype is one of the best ways to quickly and cheaply test an idea, validate assumptions allowing for richer user feedback.

Getting the product into users hands quickly gives access to some of the powerful emotional responses Using prototypes provides an amazing amount of confidence to move forward with the right solution verses usual MVP assumptions.

The goal featured in the following case-study covers this part of the product development process along with the following:

  • Challenges
  • Early Assumptions
  • Goals & Vision
  • User Research
  • Various Prototype Phases
  • A fully interactive Prototype

— Approach

A process is a framework yet never ridged – it’s flexible and subject to change throughout the whole process. Although this phase of the project will only stay within the prototype phase, a full process was created for future efforts.


— Establishing The Audience

There’s a ton of reasons to consider a VPN service provider for all devices that connect to public Wi-Fi and yet while doing initial peer research, it was uncovered that most people don’t clearly understand a compelling reason to incorporate security into daily mobile workflows.

The minority that did understand a VPN products potential benefits, it was troubling to uncover users weren’t even clear on what to buy when not trusting free solutions. This offers a interesting opportunity to simplify the experience and tell a better story with existing technology.

Currently security is become an important tool for even the casual online user and PRIVT would like to simplify and automate VPN features inside an intuitive form factor that appeals to a wide range of users. PRIVT will to offer secure, encrypted VPN tunnels within the mobile landscape.


— Early Research

At the time of research, the Apple Appstore hosted access to almost 30 different VPN products.

As each app was tested, it was clear that most of the products were poorly designed products and overly complicated, weighed down with thoughtless solutions to important features needed to be a successful product.

It’s clear that with the amount of free and paid offerings, mobile devices pose an interesting challenge in the area of security; naturally this also offers an interesting opportunity.


— Framing The Problem

 Its’ all about brainstorming – discovery.

Envisioning the product at its highest level with everyone on the team. It’s all about getting ideas, assumptions, visions and early research into a pile and organizing.

Online security is complicated stuff and it’s almost impossible for the everyday user to keep up with all the newest ways to be fooled online. Keeping devices secure can be full time job and hiring a network security expert to keep a cellphone and laptop safe isn’t a realistic option.

Currently security is become an important tool for even the casual online user and PRIVT would like to simplify and automate VPN features inside an intuitive form factor that appeals to a wide range of users. PRIVT will to offer secure, encrypted VPN tunnels within the mobile landscape.

Education & Marketing

Online security can become complicated very quickly for a majority of customers. How to educate consumers without confusing can be a challenge. Product and marketing will need each other to educate consumers at all stages of on-boarding and retention.


As with all great products, it will need to work without bugs 99% of the time. Server side engineering will need to effectively manage bandwidth speeds that offer little to no noticeable difference in speeds.


From the start, the product will have challenges surrounding trust with new customers. Customers need to feel the product is worth using and hopefully worth paying for eventually.


How can the product establish trust right away? Once trust is established, how can the trust remain high and or grow through the experience? Do personal-type conversations soften the tech? Will hiding complexities isolate advanced users?


  • How to educate customer on security?
  • How to demystify the technology?
  • Where do customers tend to become confused?
  • What complexities prevent use?
  • How to make a VPN smarter?

Edgar Fleming — All Rights Reserved

Edgar Fleming — All Rights Reserved

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LinkedIn     Tumblr     Medium     PLYLST

LinkedIn     Tumblr     Medium     PLYLST

LinkedIn     Tumblr     Medium     PLYLST

LinkedIn     Tumblr     Medium     PLYLST