Jungle Brothers Remix


In 2006, I remixed one of the Jungle Brothers most popular tracks, JUNGLE BROTHER. Finding it in my archives, I was surprised to find it sounding relevant with today’s 90’s hiphop feel so I decided to clean it up some and release it. Starting with a new cover design, I invested a small amount of time cleaning up the levels and uploaded to SoundCloud.

— Production Details

The inspiration for this track comes from some of the earlier Bonobo-type sound and downtempo that living in The District provided — it’s home to one of the biggest downtempo labels in the world 18th Street Lounge.


+ 12 Channel Mixing Board
+ Cubase
+ Reason
+ Record Player
+ Propellerhead ReCycle

Using the B-Side a-cappella off the single, I recorded the track, pulled it into Cubase to allow me the ability to make adjustments to levels and audio curve while running it out to my desk and into a compressor to warm things up.

Next I pulled the updated vocals into Propellerheads ReCyle — this allowed me to cut the vocal pieces up in a fashion that would give me full control of how the vocals and the beat would play with one another. This also allowed me some control of the time which helped speed up or slow down the vocals without distorting the audio — making it sound higher or lower pitched.

Writing the beat in Reason, I bounced all the tracks into Cubase to have better control over the mastering, levels and other more technical audio adjustments.